A Tai Chi Health System That Has Changed The Lives Of Thousands Of People For The Better Right Here In Edinburgh…

Tai Chi and the LFA. My name is John Ward, I am the leading in Scotland Instructor for LFA Health Arts. There are acupuncture pointsmany styles of tai chi available to learn today, however, the style which we teach is the Lee Family Arts.

It’s the only form of Tai Chi purely for your health and is not a martial art.The Lee style of tai chi is commonly known as the ‘yin and yang’ tai chi style as everything in it is in complete balance and harmony.

The form we teach is purely a health art, based on the principles of Chinese medicine and it has been in existence for over three thousand years find out about the Lee style. Find out more at Tai Chi Edinburgh

Tai Chi and Chinese medicine work by using your body’s natural energy.

Every living person has energy inside their body; it’s with us from the day we are born until the day we die.

A person with highly developed energy experiences very few illnesses, and this is what we are working towards. People who pratice our form of tai chi find their energy and health improve very quickly.

We all understand how our blood flows around our body and how most of our organs function.Energy ensures that our blood flows freely so that our organs are nourished, and our tissues, muscles and bones are healthy.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort then your Chi is not flowing freely. By doing our tai chi form it acupuncture point Back
helps to unblock any blockages you have in the body helping the energy to flow.

Chi is something that you cannot see or smell, but when it’s flowing freely your life takes on a whole new meaning and every day is full of vitality and you will have such a zest for living especially after practicing the tai chi form.

It is already inside each of us and we just have to learn how to harness and use it.

he LFA Health Arts association teaches a 3,000 year old exercise and relaxation program in a modern way, for modern people from teenage to over 80 years young.

The health benefits are still coming to the surface but it is already known to be an excellent therapy for people suffering from breathing difficulties, stress, low energy levels, stiff joints and mobility problems, as well as for those who are in excellent health and wish to stay that way

Our tai chi Form will be the perfect answer for you to begin learning . Go ahead and purchase our easy to follow video or book, which take you step by step through the first fifty movements in three easy stages.

If you practice our tai chi form a few minutes a day you will be amazed at how calm you’ll feel but how energized you’ll feel in a short period of time.

People that have never tried our style before are amazed how quickly they feel the benefits and how easy and how much fun they have learning our tai chi from the videos or books.